Cheat Device v0.8b & CheatSync v2
Posted on 30 January 2006 by Neil
edisoncarter has released version 0.8b of his infinitely popular Cheat Device application for Liberty City Stories. Included in this update are some optimizations of the video recorder and new teleport to target feature. You're now able to teleport to anywhere on the map simply by adding one of the red crosshair style targets to it from the pause menu. A pretty neat feature - one which I'm sure will be relied upon a lot in future.

Rather strangely, edisoncarter hasn't reported on the CPU booster feature now working on firmware 2.6 that he seems to have added in here. Perhaps he was waiting to see how long it'd take the community to notice?

Also today, I've received permission to post a new file on the site. CheatSync is a program which brings the cheat creation aspect of Cheat Device to the masses. No, I'm not really sure how it works either, but this software will read a list of cheats from a database and allows you to pick and choose which ones you want added to your game. How's that for customer service?

Thanks to everyone who sent news of these items in. I seem to have slipped a little behind with updates...

Cheat Device v0.7d
Posted on 14 January 2006 by Neil |
Following a short winter break, edisoncarter has resumed work on his infamous Cheat Device program for GTA: Liberty City Stories, supplying many new versions since I last updated. If you grab today's 0.7 download you'll get all of these features that I haven't reported on yet:
  • Flyable Dodo with Thrust
  • Step Up/Down - Moves Character up or down, even through the ground.
  • Step Through Walls When Driving
  • Bikes Can Drive On Walls
  • Gravity Options
  • Gameplay Speed
  • Walking Speed
  • Freeze Everything
  • No "ceiling" for helicopters - fly as high as you want!
  • Cheat Maker (Complex - Advanced Users Only)
  • Select Pedestrian Outfit

Gambling in Liberty City!
Posted on 5 January 2006 by Neil
Now everyone knows that there is some gambling that goes on in Liberty City, but where is the action. One of the missions in the game should be to find the best sportsbook sites and clean them out for all they are worth. I don't think we would have any problems at all doing that with the picks our members have been making.

New Walkthrough and a Photo of Milan
Posted on 26 December 2005 by Neil
I've finally added a complete Walkthrough to the site today, thanks to Johan Smith. There's a description of how to complete EVERY mission in the game, so if you're stuck, this is certainly the place to look. Be warned though - the guide is littered with spoilers!

Also today I've added a photo of the Italian City of Milan to the site. It seems that Rockstar have bought themselves some advertising space in the heart of this European city, and are currently using it to promote Liberty City Stories.

Liberty City Stories Movie Player
Posted on 24 December 2005 by Neil
Christian Sanowski has sent me word today that he has released the first version of his Liberty City Stories Movie Player, which enables you to view the animations captured by Edison Carter's cheat device through the PSP Web Browser.

The interface is pretty simple, and it's really easy to set up:
Simply copy the files from the .zip to the root of your Memory Stick, start the PSP web browser and enter the following address:
It'd also probably be a good idea to bookmark it for future use. Of course, you'll have to have some animations captured, and they need to be in the PSP/PHOTO directory on the memory stick, which is the default location Cheat Device saves them to anyway.

Cheat Device 0.5d
Posted on 24 December 2005 by Neil |
edisoncarter has released three updates to his cheat device since I last reported on it.

The latest version, 0.5d, includes an FPS display beside the coordinates, so you can tell how your PSP is performing and a new teleport location "really high" in the sky for gliding with the Dodo. The device will also now stop the game completely to ensure that screenshots aren't blurry or messed up - definitely something that will help out here when I'm making screenshots for the site.

Also today I've finished up the Vehicles page, correcting a couple of errors, and adding shots of the Angel, Manchez and a proper screenshot of the Pizza Boy.

What do you think of the Liberty City Stories Cheat Device?
I use it all the time!
I tried it once, never again!
Ch34ting is for n00bies!
Cheat Device? They make them now?
I'll stick to Mario Kart DS, thanks.

Rockstar Games have announced a sequel to Liberty City Stories for PSP in 2006!
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